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*So ... This is my page. For Guitarists Only. Here you can see my biggest love: Guitars. I'm so damn in love with the strings.

I play the guitar for about 4 Years and it became the biggest part - except my band and my boyfriend - in my life. I play nearly every day.

I have 5 guitars and one bassguitar.

3 acoustic "gits", one no-name e-git, one Epiphone SG-310-guitar which I got from my boyfriend for christmas, a J&D Bass and my baby, my lovely Yamaha RGX A2. Very small, very light weighted white guitar.

By now you will get to know everything about my life, my guitars, the latest news out of the reality of a singer and guitarist.

By the way: I am a girl (; My name's Annie. Nice to know you (;


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